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Complementary therapies

TRMI - Unconscious Memory Regression Therapy

EXPLORATION, IDENTIFICATION, dissolution and  ENERGY HARMONIZATION  OF EMOTIONAL WOUNDS stored in memory and generated in LIVES  PAST, birth and  in life  gift.


This therapy allows  through the memory regression technique have  access to the origin of  locks  and  fears  originated  by experiences  traumas that were registered and  archived  like deep emotional wounds  and  what  per  continue  vibrating in the electromagnetic circuit of the  our physical body, hinder and inhibit the fluidity of daily life, communication with ourselves and with others.


This powerful instrument of “Energy Dissolution and Healing” also allows contacting  memoirs  painful  or emotional shocks linked to intrauterine life, birth, childhood, adolescence, etc.  


This Memory Regression technique is  the only one, known, that  has the particularity  de, through a specific vibratory space and after contact with  the wounds  and  of your awareness,  at  dissolve and "cure", making  with what  stop  vibrate in the current Life.


This technique is  applied keeping  O  fully conscious intervener  and is used as a process  in  self-awareness and openness of awareness to understand inner fears and conflicts  and exteriors, the  dependencies  and phobias, the feelings  without apparent cause, the origin of  some dysfunctions  and diseases. 


The therapies  with Reiki  are healing techniques through the laying on of hands that promote harmony and balance of Electromagnetic Circuits (subtle bodies/auras) and energy Vortices (chakras). They are efficient in detoxifying the physical body, activating the glands, stimulating the organs and systems.  immune and nervous, thus allowing the recovery of the Vital Energy flow. For dissolving the  locks  and  strengthen the natural state of health  restore  O  balance and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony.





O  Reiki OMROM is a technique that unifies all the techniques of REIKI (Cosmic Healing Energy) Usui, Osho, Tibetan, Karuna and Johrei. for allowing  the interaction of all of them, simultaneously,  during its application  facilitates  reconnection  with the multiple dimensions  superior spirituals.   



The ZENTAIKI Reiki  OF  is a technique that  anchors in the Essential REIKI and  that allows everything that  This one  allows  enhanced,  multidimensionally,  within the New Earth Energy for this Millennium.                             

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