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what is a retreat

A retreat is a space of introspection… of reflection… of analysis… of focus…


Without the distractions of technologies… outside noise and interior noise we are able to focus on what is essential to us… on what we need and not what we want… to evolve and be exactly what we came to be, we only need to know what we need… what what we want is not always aligned with what we need…


A retreat from the Arts Academy of ARTESSENCE  it is a transforming experience because Art is the bridge between our interior and others… it is a memorable adventure because Art allows challenges  that delight our inner child…

Retreats available

The Healing Power of Color

2- and 4-day RETREATS

THE HEALING POWER OF COLOR is a series of Retreats for the Expansion of Creative Consciousness for the Reencounter with the Essence through colors. 

A meeting that will allow us to deepen and connect with our inner and outer Worlds

It is built as a Systemic program and is based on the following techniques - Chromotherapy, Kabbalistic and Pythagorean Numerology, Theater/The Body that says it all, Constellation of the Soul, Anthroposophy/Eurythmy, Gyrokinesis Movement, Painting, Ceramics/Clay, Sacred Sounds, Vital Energy (Chi Kung+ Reiki) ,Meditation, ChromoPower.


These Retreats are spaces for experiences… using expressive arts such as dance, theater, singing, plastic arts such as painting and ceramics, spiritual arts such as Meditation, Sacred Sounds and Vital Energy (Chi Kung+Reiki)  Let us understand the importance of Color in LIFE , what colors tell us about our health and the influence they have on our daily life  

of the “Human Design System”


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