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Systemic Method of Inner Evolution

The Systemic Program is applied and developed through:


  1. Painting Workshops with 5 evolutionary levels “Expansion of Artistic Expression” – for adults who want to find the ancestral artist within themselves  and  make this area a possible professional career and for artists who want to make an UpGrade

  2. Intuitive Painting Workshops - intended for:
    1 -  Adults of all ages who want to dialogue with their intuition in a light and playful way.
    two -  Adults who want to develop, through artistic expression, their personal and spiritual growth to meet the essence of their inner truth (emotional coaching).     

  3. Playful Experimentation Workshops “PsicoMagic Games”  – intended for Seniors, children, adults and young people with integration difficulties  

  4. Therapeutic Arts Workshops – for children and adults with disabling pathologies, for adults with emotional disorders and in a playful format for senior adults with reduced cognitive abilities.  


Most of the activities are focused on Painting because this is Fernanda Das Neves' main profession…but some of them bring together synergies from other arts such as Dance, Music, Ceramics, Intuitive Body Expression and writing.


The main "programs" "INTUITIVE PAINTING" and "EXPANSION OF ARTISTIC EXPRESSION" were created and built specially  for adults because they are the ones who most need to find themselves and their creativity in order to understand and meet the children in their charge, whether they are family members or not.  


Adults, whether they are young or senior or with psychological disabilities, are also the ones who most experience the inner separation that we call Loneliness … therefore, they are the ones who most seek to know each other to alleviate this pain…


… They are also those who are most looking for something that encourages them to find a goal in life … something that is lighter and more playful  remove them from the weight of social duties and impositions.


… They are still those who, having grown up dependent on the inability to live their lives, are looking for something that makes them feel equal, accepted and accompanied.  


And it is in this "space" of lightness... empathy... accompaniment  and share that ARTESSENCE positions your work… and your service!


From the main Program, for adults, several WorkShops/Ateliers were built  playful pedagogical ones aimed only at  kids  in  all ages  with special needs or not and  others to children alone or with their closest relatives, especially grandparents and parents, in a search for playful emotional sharing through light, fun and comforting interaction and experimentation.  

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