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Satyaja/Fernanda das  snows

She is Portuguese, was born in Lisbon in 1954 and lives between Cascais and Sintra.  

PLASTIC ARTIST  Master in Painting worked as an Advertising Creative, Illustrator and Interior Designer. In 1998 she began her Spiritual development by being initiated into Meditation  Transcendental. Until  to date is started  in Angelic Spiritual Healing and Regressive Memory Therapy through the Channels  Catherine Denis and Annick Rouaud, in Reiki  Ushui by Marion Munstefer, in Magnified Reiki, OmRom Reiki, Quantum Healing and  Melchizedeck&Voronandeck Ascension Method by Rodrigo Romo Channel, and  in Reiki Zentaiki Do through the Paula Rasteiro Channel.


Diploma in Therapeutic and Aesthetic Aromatherapy  by the Japanese Center Toyou  sougou  Chiryouin


The deepening of the study of Psychotherapy and  the search for new art therapy techniques.  


Between 1999 and 2003  search  intensely  The  your self heals. dedicating himself to her  fully until 2004


Since  2003  what  if  centered  as a painter  consultant  in  Feng  Personal and Interior Shui energo therapist, reki therapist, art  therapist.


Since 2004 she has been a dynamizer / creator  of themed workshops with painting workshops  for businesses,  of the "coaching" workshops  - "art and expansion  of conscious creativity"  - "art as a way to  the development of consciousness  in  si" - "expansion of artistic expression"  and from auto meeting workshops with  the feminine energy through all creative and artistic manifestations - "the goddess in me"


In 2008  founds ARTESSÊNCIA – Academy of Arts for the Expansion of Consciousness with the mission of contributing to the conscious evolution of human beings towards greater good and love through the arts, especially the plastic arts  


In June 2009 he published his first book “Words of Love and Reconciliation” edited by  adriana


Accompany  in  therapies since  2004.

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