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Founded in 2009 by the painter and therapist Fernanda das Neves , ARTESSÊNCIA – Academy of Arts and Sciences  - For the Expansion of Creative Consciousness  have as a mission  contribute  for the Conscious Evolution of the Human Being towards Good and Love  Greater through the Arts… Especially the Plastic Arts… And the sciences of creativity.


ARTESSÊNCIA activities focus on the Arts as a vehicle for the development and expansion of the consciousness of Beings  in the sense of  your greatest creativity and Human quality.  


Its objectives are:

  1. Facilitate paths by accompanying everyone, whoever so chooses, in the meeting with the  your essence  and  with  the Primordial Essence.

  2. Foster rapprochement  from the Beings to yours  households  for  what  sharing  of communication make them more awake…. more aware … wiser  

  3. Provide  The  conscious participation in life  present … in the here and now of their own lives.

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