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ATELIERS of the Academy of Arts

Workshop "Intuitive Painting ® "

The Intuitive Painting Ateliers “Ao Encontro da Alma“, like all the others, are derivatives of a Systemic Program called “EXPANSION OF ARTISTIC EXPRESSION“ created by me in 2000 for a group of Fine Arts students who wanted to paint without having of learning to draw…


Intuitive painting is mine  "Art Therapy" ie it is  a "technique/system" that  I created  joined  the self-development techniques in the Expansion of Artistic Expression  and the techniques used in traditional Art Therapy...  


It is a methodology of tuning and individual monitoring within a group that aims to unblock intuition through working with the right side of the brain....  at  measure  in which the rational brain is deprogrammed, the Soul has the opportunity to manifest itself through intuition...


It's only 3 am and the monitoring and driving are done in a playful way for everyone, not just those interested in  work a dysfunction,  may  participate…  

Art is conciliatory…  The art bridges the true  interiority of each  to be  and  The  your  Communication  with  O  exterior and  you  others"

Atelier "Expansion of Artistic Expression" ®

The workshops for the expansion of artistic expression were created and developed from various techniques of interior development, personal evolution and  self knowledge.


They were created to "facilitate" the encounters of each individual with the awareness of their inner truth, with the origin of their artistic expression  genuine  and  with the  expansion of this expression in techniques  plastic  per  themselves elected.


Therefore, they are intended for all those who want to expand their way of feeling and expressing themselves through painting, whether or not they have experience through practice out of curiosity or practice with technical education (fine arts, etc.)

“Expanding creative awareness is the only tool that can take us further as humanity… it is encoded in our DNA… we just have to remember how to access it and how to use it for the good of all…”

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Therapeutic Arts Workshop 

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Games Workshop  Psychomagic 

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The studios for the expansion of artistic expression are an original creation whose intellectual rights are reserved,  they are  given by the author Fernanda das Neves – plastic artist/therapist painter for the arts.


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